From September Colt Group has opened some new perspectives and new ways. With English is Fun Ltd. a little group has started off.

This form of learning is very effective, since the sensitivity of the articulation base, the understanding of body language, imitation ability, mother tongue learning and communication mechanisms and the language rules system are much more active in young children than in later childhood years. Early language learning can be the basis for later successful language learning.

There are two kindergarten teachers, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The English speaker teachers welcome the children from 7:30 and from 8:00 with the Hungarian teachers.

In the morning, in addition to the Hungarian language lessons organized English-language activities are also displayed. The bilingualism is provided by two young teachers who have a high-level English language exam. One of them communicates with children only in English in everyday games, tasks and situations. The kindergarteners learn the English language and learn the basics in the most natural way until the end of the lunchtime, until the end of the day, in diverse life situations, in a variety of games, children’s literature and artistic activities. The communication takes place for several hours – in addition to basic Hungarian – in the target language. The Ltd. is responsible for the implementation of the English language part of the program.

In the fully renewed, with modern furnishings and many developer games we also have authentic technical equipment, a View Sonic 92x152cm interactive whiteboard helps to develop the children’s individual abilities and talents in both languages ​​simultaneously.

It is difficult to say exactly how little children will learn English at the end of kindergarten. This depends on the child’s developmental rate and abilities. The goal is to get children out of the kindergarten and communicate in simple English sentences and understand them. They can have poems, songs, and have an appropriate vocabulary for their age in English.

In the preparation of the annual plan, all four teachers participated in the building of English and Hungarian activities, and our themes are organically linked to the 4 elementary elements. This organization can be traced from the documentation and pictures uploaded on the site through the projects and topic selection. We look forward to having parents involved in a subject, whether it is a carving or instrument presentation or a carnival. with a description of the art.

The theme of the first half year is the “Sign” project. Each week, a toddler’s  sign is the emergence of literacy, the ability to develop skills and with diverse gaming activities, fables, poems, crafts and singing.

Throughout the year, we are constantly looking forward to children and their parents who would like to apply to our group.

It is not a criterion for the children to be a part of the Gyöngyszem Kindergarten’s area.



Kindergarten teachers:

Baka Sándorné Gabi néni

Mikus Enikő

Pedagogical assistant:

Ferincz Éva

English speaker teachers:

Kavalecz Klaudia (Ms. Klaudia)

Bohár Bianka (Ms. Bianca)


Pitner Károlyné

Hajdú Ottília